San Diego, California
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About Us

The more things change, the more the stay the same? Or perhaps, there's nothing new, only old ideas rediscovered and re-branded with today's current lexicon? We don't use the term 'HMO' much anymore, thus many of the 'old' brand names such as 'US Healthcare', 'Healthcare USA' and even 'HealthAmerica' (before acquisition by Maxicare) have disappeared from current lexicon, yet none have lost the content and brand context relevance that made them awesome names in the first place. So welcome back 'HealthAmerica'! We're not an HMO, ACO or any other delivery and financing model per se, but a conversation and activation destination to make a difference in the lives and health status of 'Americans' (both those with 'papers' and without).

Welcome to HealthAmerica

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